Perreaux Service

Since 2018 I’m service agent for Perreaux in Europe. If you have a service request for Perreaux equipment you can send me an email at

Important, don’t send me equipment without advance notice and permission!   

To serve you as best as possible please state the following details in your email:

  • Typenumber of the device,
  • Serialnumber of the device,
  • Problemdescription and/or other questions.

Furthermore any other detail which might by usefull such as other equipment connected, recent changes in the setup and so on.

Within a few days, I try within a day, after receiving your email I will contact you how to proceed.
First I always try to solve your problem remotely and this often is successful. if not, the device must be send to me.

I often get requests for spareparts or schematics. Unfortunately I can’t help you with that. Therefore you need to contact Perreaux New Zealand: